Our School

Dandelions Class

Monday, Wednesday and  Friday, 9am – 12:30 pm
Monthly tuition $200

Teacher Sasha prepares each child for the transition into kindergarten the following year, while providing a stimulating, fun, and exciting environment that nurtures a love of learning. Monthly themes and weekly letter/math skills will be presented to the children to explore and expand on their current knowledge. Each day we will have small group activities, as well as group times for discussion and exploration. Along with an introduction to academic learning the children will experience free play time indoors and out. Students will have many opportunities to further develop social-emotional skills needed for transition to elementary school. Children must be going to kindergarten the following year and be developmentally prepared to dive into the exciting world of letters, numbers and gradually lengthening group activities.

Teacher Sasha

Miss Sasha is a mom of two and a former Patterson parent. She is an experienced preschool teacher with over 14 years of experience in a teaching environment. She loves the co-op structure and the uniqueness of Patterson’s philosophy. Sasha is extremely excited to be teaching our Dandelions for many years to come.


As a play based, child centered place of learning, Patterson Preschool supports positive social interaction and cooperative play. We assist in each child’s developing abilities to resolve conflict, share space and equipment, and value the similarities and differences of others. We respect the uniqueness of each child, as well as honor and encourage the whole child’s development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. We strive to provide children with a joyful, rich, and stimulating environment that ensures success and builds confidence.

Each individual is a unique, creative, valuable self, inherently capable of learning. We believe preschool can be a great first step away from home, and that a preschool experience is a valuable learning opportunity for both child and caregiver.

Preschool Cooperative Learning

Patterson thrives with the love and commitment provided by parent caregivers who value quality early childhood education. A skilled child development teacher leads the classroom with love and expertise. As a cooperative, our preschool offers children a nurturing, family oriented environment as their first exposure to school. Having caregivers in the classroom increases our adult to child ratio and children learn to accept guidance from other trusted adults.

A cooperative preschool provides many benefits to its caregivers as well. They gain a better understanding of their child’s individuality, through observing them with other children of the same age. Caregivers directly take part in their child’s education by aiding in the classroom. It also gives aides the opportunity to learn more about the development of young children by observing a skilled teacher and interacting with other caregivers.

Caregivers model problem solving, cooperation, and commitment as they interact, and work with other caregivers and children. The commitment of time and energy to the co-operative experience is rewarding and beneficial for the individual family, and families within the program. A community of like-minded parents is created within the co-op. The time and energy spent adding value to the preschool helps our students, parents, and community thrive. Patterson is successful in providing early childhood education to the local community, in large part because of the amazing parental involvement within the school.